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Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur
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What are Group Natural Campsites?

In addition to the ‘standard’ Natural Campsites, we also offer a number of larger Group Natural Campsites in various parts of the Netherlands. You can reserve all or part of these sites for large groups (min. ten persons). They are ideal for club excursions, school outings and scout camps.

What to expect

The key feature of the Group Natural Campsites is nature itself. You will not find swimming pools, discotheques, restaurants or large children’s playgrounds. There is, however, an area where everyone can sit around a blazing campfire together and all sites have good sanitary facilities.


All Group Natural Campsites are affiliated with Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur and are inspected by a tourist industry body at least once every two years to ensure compliance with our quality guidelines. You can recognise accredited sites by the light green ‘Welcome’ sign alongside the entrance.


You are welcome to bring your own equipment to any of the Group Natural Campsites. At some sites you can rent tents in which to sleep, or larger marquees in which your group can eat breakfast together or socialise. A number of sites also offer equipment for outdoor activities and games. Details are given in the site descriptions.


In 2021, you can visit any of fifteen Group Natural Campsites, as shown on this map. If you would rather have a map on paper, request the free brochure which lists all Group Natural Campsites. (NB The descriptions are in Dutch.)


Camping at a Group Natural Campsite is green in more senses than one! The ecological footprint of a stay on one of the sites is very small. Each group pays a ‘nature supplement’ of €10.00. This allows Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur to maintain and expand its network of Group Natural Campsites. We can ensure that camping in the great outdoors remains possible for future generations, and that everyone can enjoy these beautiful but relatively vulnerable locations for many years to come.


All Group Natural Campsites require advance reservations. Please contact the site manager.